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The Key Elements to Mathematics Success (KEMS)
Seven Levels of Staff Development Support

Level 1:  Intensive Professional Development

Teachers are prepared to incorporate the key mathematical concepts using unique methodology and to build the capacity of the district.  Professional development also is provided to school and central office administrators to support implementation.

Level 2: Comprehensive Lessons

A complete set of concept based lessons, each using multiple representations is provided to each teacher giving them the means to immediately implement their professional development.

Level 3: Coaching

Each teacher receives a regular e-communication containing information to enhance execution of upcoming key math concepts specific to his/her grade level and district pacing. These e-communications are received weekly where coaching support is being provided or monthly in those districts where lead teachers are in place.  

Level 4: Assisting Through Looking At Students (ATLAS)

A unique means to gather data, ATLAS identifies student engagement, and allows teachers and coaches to collaborate on ways to improve student growth and success.

Level 5: Professional Learning Communities

Professional Learning Communities are designed by coaches in consultation with teachers and administrators based on an analysis of ATLAS data.

Level 6: Technology

Students, parents, teachers, and administrators have open access to NTN’s website – which includes video demonstration lessons, homework, and lesson notes.  Additional technology support including digital versions of instructional materials, ATLAS, e-communications, and web based staff development are provided to all participants.

Level 7: Leadership Academy

NTN provides leadership academies across the country to build mathematics leadership at the classroom, school and district levels.


" The strongest strengths of National Training Network
have been the excellent professional development and
continuous support. Teachers were inspired to improve their instruction by incorporating new strategies and activities that addressed those "hard-to teach" math concepts. There have been "Ah-ha" moments for teachers and students.
-Ernestine Saville-Brock
Mathematics Curriculum Coordinator
Metro-Nashville Public Schools, TN
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